Les Amis de la Wasenbourg

Visit the Wasenbourg site

    If you have looked for information on Wasenbourg on the net, the idea of visiting it has probably crossed your mind.

    You should know that the visit is free and that it can be made at any time, it is enough to respect the hours of authorization of access to the forest.

    If you decide to go, you are likely to meet at least one of the members of the “Friends of Wasenbourg” association. They will always be happy to answer all your questions.

    If you are a group of people (hikers, schoolchildren, etc.) and you wish to meet one of our enthusiasts on the spot, you can contact Gérard PICART on 06 72 75 88 07 to arrange an appointment.

    However, if none of the members were present on the site at the time of your passage, we advise you to download the document “Visit step by step of the Castle of Wasenbourg”, by clicking on the following button:

The document is now translated into English.

Enjoy reading !


    The “Wasenbourg” site is located in the municipality of Niederbronn-les-Bains (Bas-Rhin) in the Niederbronn national forest and in the heart of the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park.

    At an altitude of 432 m, on the heights of the Wasenberg and leaning against the Reisberg, it dominates the valley of the river Falkensteinerbach and the D 1062 Niederbronn-Bitche road.

The corresponding 1:25,000 IGN map bears the reference 3714ET.

For GPS users, the coordinates are: [N 48°960117 / E 7°615995] or [UTM 32U 398 691/5423 947].


    As the surrounding state forest is closed to traffic, the castle cannot be reached by motorised vehicles without special authorisation. Numerous footpaths marked out by the local Vosges Clubs offer multiple access routes on foot, among others:

From Niederbronn-les-Bains:

    From the town centre, follow the signs marked with the red rectangle, passing through the rue Charles MATTHIS and its extension Allée du Roi de Rome.

    It is possible to approach by car to the car park called “du Roi de Rome” (just after passing under the bridge of the road D 1062). From there, continue on foot along the path that climbs through the forest to the castle. Allow 40 to 50 minutes walking time.

From Oberbronn :

    From the car park of the convent, various marked paths lead to the castle in about 45 minutes.

    It is also possible to reach the Ungerthal Pass by car via the Linsenthal forest road which follows the Rue du Tribunal (on the right after the town hall). From the pass, continue on foot following the red-white-red markings to the Kreuztannen crossroads and then the red rectangle markings. The terrain is almost flat, so allow about 50 minutes from the pass.

    A variant is possible from the Ungerthal Pass to the Kreuztannen junction, following the red rectangle markings passing by the Wasenkoepfel tower (alt. 526 m)

Getting to Niederbronn